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This website contains informative discussions about Jamb. Jamb means many things to many people. To Nigerian students, JAMB, all in capitals refers to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. JAMB is the examining body that is saddled with the responsibility of conducting Universties Matriculating Examination (UME) for students who are seeking admission into the nation's univesities. JAMB conducts the basic examination yearly that is required for entry into the nation's higher institutions (University/Polytechnic). To get admitted, students should meet the cut off point required by the University's department befores they can gain admission. JAMB is the entry door to Nigerian Universities and Higher institutions

JAMB has been crucial for a long time as the main door through which Secondary school leavers can gain admission ino a university in Nigeria and students who prepare in advance for this start doing the examination while they are about to leave secondary school. There is no restriction to the number a student may attempt doing the JAMB exam which is mostly held yearly.

JAMB offers a variety of examinations which are PolyJamb, University JAMB and IJMB (Advanced level) . Poly JAMB is for students interested in gaining admission into the nation's polytechnics while University JAMB is for students who are seeking to gain admission into Universities in Nigeria. IJMB is more of an advanced examination which can guarantee admission for the student seeking to enter the University at andadvanced level like level 200.

How much is the registration fee ?
As at 2012 the scratch cards goes for N4000 only but prices are subjec to review

When will Jamb UTME exam hold?
It normally holds around April unless there are any necessary delays

When will Jamb UTME exam hold?
It normally holds around April unless there are any necessary delays

How do I register for the exam?
You can register by purchasing the form/scratch card and doing an online registration at any accredited registration center

How many subjects can I write in an exam?
You are allowed to write a maximum of 4 subjects in an exam

How many kinds of JAMB exam can one sit for?
Now a single exam is done annually called the UTME. Previuosly it used to be the UME and PolyJamb

Where can once buy the JAMB exam application forms?
Forms and scratch cards are sold at Jamb offices nationwide and at most Nigerian banks. You can apply for your JAMB exams online by first buying a JAMB Scratch card.

Click here to go to the official website of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) in Nigeria

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